scrim request from STU

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scrim request from STU

Beitragvon aie-need-a-medic » 8. August 2010 21:15

Hello dudes ! I'm aie-need-a-medic from STU clan (ET:QW). I suggest a match between our two teams :
- STUpidoz stadium pro-mod server
- Saterday 14th august
- 9 p.m
- 4x4, 5x5 or 6x6

We play etqw since about 8 month, and we are looking for matchs to improve ourselves :)

All the best, @nam
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Re: scrim request from STU

Beitragvon Shifty. » 9. August 2010 10:23


I think, here arent enough Dudes, who can play. Maybe u can ask Rex, he is registered here as Ali100, just send him a PM and you will get a 4on4, 5on5 or 6on6.
Maybe im wrong and some dudes want a war, then you can play against us :)
Awesome Dude
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