Announcing the Theme Sunday on February, 7th: Aim Train

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Announcing the Theme Sunday on February, 7th: Aim Train

Beitragvon oxy » 7. Februar 2010 11:15

Today the first theme sunday takes place, with the topic Aim Train.

We'll start at 19:30 o'clock CET (Paris Time) at the Theme Sunday Server. This server is only online on sudays. The address:

Code: Alles auswählen

On this sunday the password is: "aimtrain"

Prerequierments on client side: The Promod.

The rules:

The server run's the promod with es_headshotsOnly set to 1. That means only headshots deal damage.
Furthermore cheats are enabled on serverside. So, in the "settings" menu, in the tab "ETQWPro" you should enable "Show enemy hitboxes".

Additionally some - by some people called "prosettings" - cvars have been set to improve the aim/shooting experience.

Concrete serversettings (apart from the established settings):

Code: Alles auswählen
// Theme Sunday Setting:
seta es_headshotsOnly "1"
seta es_vanillaMode "0"
seta es_sprintStyle 3

// Weapon and Upgrade Unlocks
seta g_unlockGrenadeLauncher 0
seta g_unlockScopedRifle 0
seta g_unlockExtraClip 0
seta g_unlockFasterSprint 1
seta g_unlockWeaponSpread 0
seta es_aimStyle 1

seta net_allowCheats 1
seta bot_skill 2
seta bot_minClients 4
seta bot_useVehilces 0
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Re: Announcing the Theme Sunday on 2nd February: Aim Train

Beitragvon Hackman84 » 7. Februar 2010 11:39

Today is February 7th and its Stuttgart Time not Paris :lol: ;)
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Re: Announcing the Theme Sunday on February, 7th: Aim Train

Beitragvon oxy » 7. Februar 2010 11:54

thx, fixed it.
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