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So nun mach ich es auch in diesem Forum :D
Ich werde hier alle Infos sammeln, die ich zu dem neuen Splashdamage Shooter kriegen kann. Vorher muss ich meine bisherigen Infos noch sortieren, also kommt hier erst später was :mrgreen:
So, nun muss ich noch schaun, wie ich den Artikel in nem englischen Gaming Magazin hier reinkrieg. Is eingescannt, aber mir fällt schon was ein :)

Ein Ausschnitt ausm IRC, is ne Disskussion über "features" und das Granatensystem von Brink
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<Kleppy|AFK> or at least the announced features
<jopjop> customizable looks and bodytypes!
<rebb> crouching!
<jopjop> what else do you need ;)
<rebb> wait, does it have crouching ?
<Kleppy|AFK> what kind of weapons, what engine and stuff like this ;)
<Kleppy|AFK> do i have to buy a new pc when i wanna play brink
<Kleppy|AFK> my sys can handle etqw good, can i play brink with more then 30 fps?
<Kleppy|AFK> ahh i cant wait to play brink
<Kleppy|AFK> and costumize my char :D
<Kleppy|AFK> tattoes ftw
<jopjop> :D
<jopjop> tbh i cant wait either... its the only game that i will preorder and hope for the best that it is good
<Kleppy|AFK> big fat guy with tons of tatoes :D
<jopjop> wolfenstein was also... but we all know how that went...
<Kleppy|AFK> i hope, im here when it will be released, so release it at the end of 2010 or at the beginning of 2011 :D
<Kleppy|AFK> i preordered the shit too
<Kleppy|AFK> want my copy?
* imperial`Jeebs ist jetzt bekannt als imperial`JeebzZ
<AnthonyDa> Kleppy|AFK: look at wolf feature, brink has lot of them
<Kleppy|AFK> well im happy when brink has classes that actually have a sens, not like in bc2 where every class can complete objs :(
<AnthonyDa> Kleppy|AFK: can't trickplant obj, melee attack& no knife, one nade button, rpg/wow system, xpwhoring present at every second of the game etc.
* imperial`JeebzZ ist jetzt bekannt als imperial`Jeebs
<Kleppy|AFK> oh noes, not a cod clone :(
<AnthonyDa> Kleppy|AFK: sad but true...
<AnthonyDa> it will use nowaday fps standard, AKA shit or cod like
<Kleppy|AFK> etqw is/was the best fps for me
<Kleppy|AFK> maybe et would be better, but i never played
<AnthonyDa> well brink seems to be for consolish boy playing cod
<AnthonyDa> not w:et or et:qw players
<Kleppy|AFK> damn
<Kleppy|AFK> i hoped that it will be like etqw without vehicles ...
<AnthonyDa> its a bit like wolf who were sold like "w:et /rtcw sequel" but it was simple poo
<AnthonyDa> well on the other hand we still don't know everything about the game
<AnthonyDa> but everything we know is poo
<Kleppy|AFK> <jopjop> customizable looks and bodytypes!
<Kleppy|AFK> thats awesome ;)
<AnthonyDa> only smart (which looks like "nub button" ) seems ok
<AnthonyDa> no
<AnthonyDa> can't use custom texture
<AnthonyDa> sticked to game asset
<Kleppy|AFK> that was a joke ;)
<AnthonyDa> well wouldn't be shit if we could use own texture
<Kleppy|AFK> that would be cool
<AnthonyDa> a bit like trackmania, see?
<AnthonyDa> well apparently official word is "community can't do this ! " trying to find link back
<jopjop> AnthonyDa: i would apply my shirt with transparent .png
<jopjop> that would be the poo
<AnthonyDa> ... stcount=18
<AnthonyDa> jopjop: i don't get it...
* imperial`Jeebs ist jetzt bekannt als imperial`JeebzZ
<AnthonyDa> you mean beeing invisible ?
<RR2DO2> anyone who puts a PNG laoder in an engine should be shot
<jopjop> AnthonyDa: ok
<jopjop> RR2DO2: ok
<jopjop> i shall not abuse
<RR2DO2> (code bloat and inefficiency of loading, terrible)
<RR2DO2> engine tends to use hardware friendly texture formats intenrally
<jopjop> ah ok
<RR2DO2> and you basically just want nearly raw input to convert to those
<Dopefish> dds!
<RR2DO2> that's why tGA is so nice, as it is really just a raw byte buffer of colour data
<RR2DO2> Dopefish: kinda, dds is basically a d3dtexture header + texture data
<RR2DO2> doesn't translate directly to OpenGL, but the body can be used while still using the 'standard' container
<Dopefish> oh, right, you use opengl
<Dopefish> ignore that
<Dopefish> :)
<jopjop> i trust in sd and if brink is anything as good as etqw ill swallow it without chewing...
<jopjop> (sounded alot better in my head in finnish...)
<RR2DO2> I'd hope you'd swallow without chewing
<RR2DO2> that'd hurt otherwise
<RR2DO2> aaanyway
<Kleppy|AFK> will there be a way to save ones ingame nick?
<Kleppy|AFK> i had so many stupid nicks, and now i found 1 which i like :D
<Kleppy|AFK> adn i dont wanna change again :)

Diskussion über das Grenade System in Brink

<RR2DO2> AnthonyDa: you prefer the delay of having 'gernades as weapons' over the instant access of off-hand grenades?
<AnthonyDa> yes because i anticipate...
<RR2DO2> ehm
<RR2DO2> but if the grenade is instant accessible
<RR2DO2> no need to anticipate?
<AnthonyDa> you run into ennemy with nade
<AnthonyDa> the idea is to pick a nade then wait when it's needed
<AnthonyDa> not having to press random G button when needed
<AnthonyDa> (bit confusing, i agree)
<AnthonyDa> basically, the fix proposed with the scripts isn't a good idea too
<AnthonyDa> let's say that i love running around with nade in my hand
<AnthonyDa> then i use it when needed
<Shiv> o man, banoffee eww, apple is so much better
<DarkangelUK> how DARE you!
<Shiv> especially the crust
<DarkangelUK> ive just put myself in the mood for pie :S
<Shiv> it gets a kind of apply flavour to it, and nice suger
<AnthonyDa> it is logic to scroll in weapon bank to select it, what if Q3 used a button for every weapon and doesn't gives option to select it with mousewheel?
<Shiv> banoffee.. i dunno.. never tastes right
<RR2DO2> so you don't actually want to be able to throw a grenade quickly
<RR2DO2> rather you want to introduce the skill aspect of being able to preselect it
<RR2DO2> (same argument as with instant weapon switching - having a weapon switching delay means you need to anticipate your opponent to select the right weapon)
<RR2DO2> Or am I understanding you wrong?
<AnthonyDa> having to press G instead of mouse1 is slower...
<RR2DO2> AnthonyDa: so basically your argument is that itis too confusing having off-hand grenades?
<AnthonyDa> yeah, confusing and broken gameplay wise (because you can't aim or move correctly by pressing something else than mouse1 to fire)
<DarkangelUK> isnt that what the script fixes?
<DarkangelUK> sort of
<AnthonyDa> nop?
<DarkangelUK> it places it on mouse1
<RR2DO2> surely you can aim and press a keyboad button at the same time?
<DarkangelUK> either way you'd need to select the nade... be it via a script on G or a weapon bank on G
<AnthonyDa> script force you to use a dedicated key instead of mouse wheel too ...
<DarkangelUK> oh you cycle weapon banks on mousewheel?
<AnthonyDa> taking me less time to find mouse wheel than G on kb...
<AnthonyDa> yeah
<RR2DO2> AnthonyDa: if you are more than weapon away it probably takes about 700+ msec
<RR2DO2> versus less than 100 using the keyboard press
<Shiv> wow.. we select weapons the same.. and i suddenly want to change how i select my weapon
<AnthonyDa> taking a quarter of second to mousewheel+click instead of G then mouse1 as scrip does
<RR2DO2> AnthonyDa: it is more than 250 smec. You need to take the weapon switch animations into account too
<AnthonyDa> RR2DO2: don't you see that it's the whole gameplay affected by this?
<AnthonyDa> nay
<RR2DO2> AnthonyDa: I know exactly what hte problem is - that's why way back in the Fortress game we had a dedicated button
<RR2DO2> to get the latency/interference down to a minimum
<RR2DO2> (hell, I had two dedicated buttons, one for each grenade type)
<AnthonyDa> just give me a single reason to remove w:et system... if it's not to annoy peps who are used to do it and make it easier for console players
<RR2DO2> so I could instantly have access to them at any point without having to think how many mouse wheel clicks I'd have to scroll or anything
<RR2DO2> AnthonyDa: because it makes it easier for PC players
<AnthonyDa> no
<AnthonyDa> tf2 = press once for arming, once for throwing, right?
<AnthonyDa> tf*
<RR2DO2> well that is one of the options yes
<RR2DO2> so double tap for instant throw
<AnthonyDa> whereas cod /wolf is press for armingg, release for thrwoing
<RR2DO2> but usually you don't want that
<AnthonyDa> just to make it clear..
<RR2DO2> as a non primed grenade makes it hard to explode on target
<AnthonyDa> what can i do between the 2 tap ? fire ?
<RR2DO2> in Fortress you could do anything
<RR2DO2> if we'd apply that to Brink you would have full movement freedom
<RR2DO2> (not fire)
<AnthonyDa> because if i can do nobody else than having to type again in brink, it makes it confusing
<RR2DO2> It would give you the same flexibility as the Wolf:ET grenades
<RR2DO2> without having to manuall select the weapon using your scrollwheel
<RR2DO2> and wait for the weapon switch
<AnthonyDa> yeah but still, dedicated button for that :/
<AnthonyDa> already have smart button
<AnthonyDa> it's not good with kb/mouse, should be mousewheel+mouse1
<AnthonyDa> but i agree that having to double press is better than expected...
<RR2DO2> It is completely understandable that people are very used to 'grenades as weapons'
<AnthonyDa> because it's not a weapon ? Oo
<RR2DO2> But we are trying to streamline the gameplay experience
<RR2DO2> Not if you have off-hand grenades
<RR2DO2> then it is an instant available item
<AnthonyDa> soz but i'm aiming while firing nade, make me using mouse to aim and fire my nade
<RR2DO2> offhand grenades are not a new thing, they existed in shooters before 'grenade as weapon' got introduced
<AnthonyDa> like a weapon, like something who must be binded on mouse1
<AnthonyDa> yes and everybody stopped using it
<AnthonyDa> guess why
<RR2DO2> Because it wasn't as noob friendly
<DarkangelUK> stopped?
<RR2DO2> Halo still uses it though
<DarkangelUK> MW, Halo
<RR2DO2> MW too?
<Shiv> bc2
<AnthonyDa> halol is console game
<Shiv> yup mw ford
<DarkangelUK> its a PC game too
<Shiv> does
<AnthonyDa> DarkangelUK: portage doesn't count
<RR2DO2> Ok then nobody stopped using it :)
<AnthonyDa> it's just dumbed down for gamepad purpose...
<Shiv> its like punching a brick wall and expecting it to move
<RR2DO2> AnthonyDa: offhand grenades aren't dumbed down
<RR2DO2> They actaully increase complexity
<AnthonyDa> so actually you are saying that this system isn't noob friendly but many gameplay feature are for noobs (like no trickplant on obj for example), aren't you affraid to do a bad mix of noob friendly feature and "pro" feature?
<RR2DO2> off-hand grenades were always considered a pro feature
<RR2DO2> we are trying to make it as friendly as we can
<AnthonyDa> by having to use a weapon with kb ? Oo
<AnthonyDa> weapon = sth to hurts ur oppoennt
<RR2DO2> Weapon selection happens through the keyboard for a lot of people too
<RR2DO2> A lot of people play with ESDF instead of WASD to get mor weapon selection/comm keys around their movement keys
<AnthonyDa> ain't weapon selection if you have to throw nade with keyboard, move with kb and have to aim with mouse at the same time
<AnthonyDa> it's awkward ..
<RR2DO2> there aren't enough mouse buttons though to have 'hold down to fire' work on mouse for most people
<RR2DO2> we want to keep the speed of off hand grenades
<RR2DO2> a keyboard button for the default config is the solution there
<RR2DO2> a double tap approach is less new player friendly, but improves movement flexibility if you want ot use the keyboard
<RR2DO2> if you have an extra mouse button free, you could use that for off-hand grenades
<AnthonyDa> k, so we can nade & shot then? or just have to stay idle between to tap?
<RR2DO2> you can move and have it primed
<RR2DO2> same as Wolf:ET
<RR2DO2> where you don't have your gun available either when you are priming
<RR2DO2> The only thing that gets removed with this system is having the grenade as a selection on the scrollwheel
<AnthonyDa> kay, so i press G (while moving with my 6th finger) and then i drop my mouse down because i can't shot with primed, and have to re press G (still while moving) to throw it back, instead of having my nade in hand when i want and have to press mouse 1 to use it
<AnthonyDa> does brink have weaponbank mousewheel ? or it's "1 button = 1 weapon"?
<Shiv> the nade is always in hand when you want it
<AnthonyDa> it's on kb hand
<RR2DO2> currently the weapon selection is a cycle through the weapons - ETQW style
<AnthonyDa> wrong one
<AnthonyDa> good, then add nade, fixed everyone is happy
<Shiv> so put it on mouse hand
<timestart> grenades are on keyboard in etqw too...
<RR2DO2> not everyone is happy, as the grenade isn't a weapon you can visibly select (as it is off-hand)
<AnthonyDa> Shiv: need nade to be on weapon bank
<timestart> why?
<Shiv> why?
<RR2DO2> And by design we don't want the latency of switching to a grenade
<timestart> just means you have to wait while switching to it...
<DarkangelUK> because it's 'different', and round dem ways, we don't like 'different' things
<timestart> Shiv: your connection any better yet?
<AnthonyDa> RR2DO2: i don't see why you keep off hand nade if you can only move between 2 tap
<Shiv> timestart for what?
<timestart> etqw?
<RR2DO2> it's a tradeoff indeed
<Shiv> o no, still havent moved.. busy atm
<timestart> :(
<RR2DO2> the two tap adds in the movement flexibility
<Shiv> :\
<AnthonyDa> Shiv: go on neighbour wifi, fixed (sort of)
<RR2DO2> bringing the aiming/moving functionality to Wolf:ET levels
<AnthonyDa> not really RR2DO2 ...
<Shiv> yes because my neighbours are retarded and have their wifi open
<AnthonyDa> i don't see any "movement flexibility" by having to use left hand to use nade
<RR2DO2> the press and hold button brings the instant access at the cost of movement (if you have the grenade button on the keyboard)
<RR2DO2> AnthonyDa: you aren't holding the button down after tapping it
<RR2DO2> it's a fraction of a second
<RR2DO2> yes you sacrifice your right strafe for a minimal of time
<AnthonyDa> yeah, but still you have to use one finger on wsad to use it
<RR2DO2> slidemove compensates for that though
<AnthonyDa> slidemove ?Oo
<RR2DO2> and it was never an issue in even faster games like the Fortress ones
<RR2DO2> if you release your movement button you don't instantly stop
<RR2DO2> if you tap the grenade button and go back to strafing right you will still be strafing right
<AnthonyDa> called inertia, kay :p
<RR2DO2> Talking about the udner the bonnet code systems here :P
<AnthonyDa> sounds more and more confusing/werido, now you move without using movement key
<RR2DO2> but you already do
<RR2DO2> all id tech games going back to doom 1 do that
<RR2DO2> it would feel bad if you instantly stopped
<RR2DO2> keep in mind, a key press is less than 50 msec
<RR2DO2> that is a minimal amount of game frames
<AnthonyDa> if you have finger already on it
<RR2DO2> No I have fast fingers :)
<RR2DO2> have to!
<RR2DO2> it's a twitchy shouter world
<AnthonyDa> but if that finger is already pressing another button (like movement) it won't be that fast
<RR2DO2> *shooter
<RR2DO2> Getting faster is all what improving your FPS skills is about
<RR2DO2> reflexes and muscle memory
<AnthonyDa> you are pressing G with the finger pressing D, right ?
<RR2DO2> (having a dedicated button makes it easier to learn muscle memory)
<RR2DO2> well, in my case it probably will be v
<RR2DO2> but that's because that was my key way back in TF/Q3F
<AnthonyDa> V/G still, you are releasing D button
<AnthonyDa> and won't be able to strafe correctly
<RR2DO2> Yep, for a minimal amount of time
<RR2DO2> never hurt me in q3f
<RR2DO2> I could still strafe jump while throwing grenades
<RR2DO2> or have full control over my air movement
<AnthonyDa> what if i want trully smooth strafe with w:et nade system?
<AnthonyDa> i'm fucked :(
<timestart> use grenade button...
<RR2DO2> nah
<RR2DO2> you'll make up for it by being able to throw the grenades quicker
<RR2DO2> the fraction (we're talking about a 20th of a second here probably) of time you lose strafing is made up by being able to throw the grenade 400+ msec faster
<AnthonyDa> ain't quicker, time to relase D and press G (or V) is slower than mousewheel+click
<timestart> damn only just noticed how long weapon switch time is
<RR2DO2> it's not just hte mousewheel + clck though
<RR2DO2> it is also the weapons witch delay
<AnthonyDa> not if game is using quick weapon switch
<AnthonyDa> which means scroll = changing weapon without having to click
<timestart> *sigh*
<RR2DO2> you still have to wait for the animation/switch time
<RR2DO2> the fastest that gets is about 350 msec if you really hate animators
<AnthonyDa> sorry but mousewheel+click is faster than kb stuff :/
<timestart> really isnt
<AnthonyDa> especially if my finger is already in use
<Shiv> it isnt faster AnthonyDa.
<AnthonyDa> wank harder, you'll see then
<`Chris> nice argument
<Shiv> i am a mousewheel user.. its not as fast as kb
<Shiv> so go troll about something else
<AnthonyDa> it is :/
<Shiv> no.. it isnt
<Shiv> what world are you living in?
<RR2DO2> AnthonyDa: all the pro quake 3 players use dedicated weapon buttons to switch to weapons
<RR2DO2> as it is faster than mouse wheel
<RR2DO2> Quake 3 is a lot faster than W(ET) or Brink
<RR2DO2> and involves a lot more movement control
<AnthonyDa> because you have to scroll between around 10 weapons
<DarkangelUK> <-- dedicated buttons in Q3 for 9 years now
<AnthonyDa> not 2-3
<DarkangelUK> same for RtCW
<DarkangelUK> and ET
<DarkangelUK> and ETQW
<AnthonyDa> and it doesnt make the same effect as fire button in q
<AnthonyDa> just weapon selection

Dann hier noch ein paar allgemeine Infos, direkt von Badman:
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<clarke86> does anybody know if brink quakecon footage is out yet?
<caliban`> but this we i guess they will be new from london
<caliban`> brb tf2 match
<clarke86> [b]adman are u community manager for brink btw?
<clarke86> u were for ET:QW yeah?
<[b]adman> yes to both
<clarke86> good stuff
<clarke86> brink vids tomorrow? :)
<[b]adman> :)
<clarke86> i'll take that as a yes!
<[b]adman> no vids tomorrow as far as i know
<[b]adman> :P
<clarke86> [b]adman can u answer this at all then...
<[b]adman> what's that?
<clarke86> are brink maps simillar to ET:QW in that there are one obj after the other per map? or is it just one big obj per map?
<clarke86> cos couldn't really tell from the interviews
<[b]adman> there are multiple
<clarke86> cool
<clarke86> one after the other?
<clarke86> like blow this up to get here to do that etc etc?
<[b]adman> like the map that we've been showing at events has multiple objectives in a row
<clarke86> kinda like how i said? or can u do all obj at once?
<[b]adman> with the big objective being 'escort the robot'
<clarke86> ahh
<[b]adman> and while you're escorting it there are a few things that need taking care of
<clarke86> gotcha :)
<|a|hollywood> blow the door, take over the marine, constuct the submarine in the water, escort the submarine to the arc, fire a torpedo, construct a water pump, fire the particle cannon, blow up the bank door, take the gold, escort the gold into the truck, escort the truck to the base
<[b]adman> wont be quite as complex as that :P
<clarke86> sounds a fun game though; prob the one i'm most looking forward to for next year
<clarke86> shame about ET:QW, still think it was the best game released lately! if it had been released with promod i reckon it'd be succesful still :)
<[b]adman> I suppose that depends on your definition of successful :)
<[b]adman> I dont think promod would have tempted more people online
<[b]adman> which is one of the big things we're pushing with brink
<[b]adman> getting more people to actually play online
<clarke86> cool, just hope it's competetive
<clarke86> would like to join a clan for it again
<[b]adman> we've not forgotten about clans and competition :)
<clarke86> it's quite nice to not have the "done when it's done" mentality this time around :)
<clarke86> at least a date is semi fixed
<supatsunami> it will be fixed "when its fixed" ?
<[b]adman> Well, we wont release it if we're not satisfied with it
<Kleppy> good to hear this about comp scene :)
<AnthonyDa> pushing more peps online? well community will be split in 3 at the beginning
<clarke86> is there gonna be a community site for brink a few months before release btw? like with ET:QW?
<AnthonyDa> unlike etqw (because etqw console port was late & shitty)
<Kleppy> 3 parts?
<AnthonyDa> pc/xbox/ps3
<clarke86> who cares about xbox ps3 :P
<[b]adman> it's true that we'll have a community on every platform, but we still want to get as many people online on each of them
<AnthonyDa> all versions are going to be released at the same time
<Kleppy> forget consoles :D
<Viperius> Will there be dedicated servers? ;)
<clarke86> agreed
<AnthonyDa> ur wrong, many peps are going to buy brink on console
<AnthonyDa> not you, not me but many others are going to do it and lower the number of peps online for pc wolrd
<[b]adman> dedicated servers, definitely, yeah
<clarke86> btw, how come that beardy guy is doing interviews and not loki?
<Kleppy> ok right, pc port games fail, like wolfenstein
<AnthonyDa> (btw please, no shitty ranked thing ala etqw, killed the game...)
<[b]adman> I think if somebody gets the console version, they weren't going to play it on the pc in the first place
? jRAD has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<clarke86> yeah i would agree on that
<Kleppy> yepp
<[b]adman> each platform has its own advantages and I guess it depends on what sort of experience you're looking for
<[b]adman> if you want mods and such, you're obviously going to go PC
<[b]adman> Same if you hate controllers with a passion :)
<Kleppy> yepp :)
<clarke86> pc is much better anyway; actually have a proper community
<AnthonyDa> i wish u were right
<clarke86> don't really get that in console games
<Kleppy> is brink having a rank system?
<[b]adman> we've got persistent player progression
<[b]adman> not sure if that's what you mean
<clarke86> maybe means rank like the wee icon next to name? "private, sergeant, etc etc" ?
<[b]adman> so there's leveling up and stuff
<Kleppy> yeah the rank system like in etqw
<[b]adman> it's different from that
<[b]adman> anything you unlock in brink stays with you
<clarke86> badman, will there be a proper community site sometime soon?
<clarke86> like next couple months?
<Kleppy> ohhhhh no, so its like battlefield?
<[b]adman> more like cod i'd say
<[b]adman> community site, still a bit too early to talk about that
<[b]adman> but it would make sense to have one, wouldnt it :)
<Kleppy> so when u play a lot, u get better weapons and stuff like this?
<[b]adman> not better, no
<Kleppy> good :)
<[b]adman> you get more choice
<[b]adman> but there'll be more on all that over the next couple months
<Kleppy> waitin sucks :P
<[b]adman> doesnt it just
<clarke86> yeah does seem weird that there are no proper vids when it's out early next year
<clarke86> guess bestheda PR don't want much coming out just yet
<[b]adman> yeah the video ball is totally in bethesda's court at the moment
<Kleppy> will there be a beta like in etqw?
<[b]adman> so they'll decide when the best time is for those
<[b]adman> they're good at this
<clarke86> do u guys want the vid out now?
<[b]adman> beta, still too early to talk about that
<clarke86> or should it really not be seen atm?
<[b]adman> if we thought the game wasnt ready to be shown, we wouldnt be showing it :)

Und hier noch des Q&A:
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Hello. Sorry, was on vacation last week and so am only now getting around to answering the q&a's that I can:

    * What are the classes?

4 solid meat & potatoes classes to choose from: soldier, engineer, medic, operative (note, those aren't necessarily final names). Each one has a bunch of abilities you'd expect, and hopefully quite a few surprises as well...

    * Could you expand on how much customization will affect gameplay?

A lot of the customization is aesthetic only. This is specifically because we want players to choose looks for them because it's what they like, not because they feel the "need" to wear it (i.e. wanting to avoid the "everyone running around in the same platemail because it's 'the best'" syndrome). However, the body type you choose (normal, muscle-bound, acrobatic) does have a significant impact on how the game plays for you, in expected and unexpected ways.

    * Will servers be ranked/unranked/both? (how will servers work in general?)

We're not supposed to talk about this yet (and in all honestly, we're still working out some of the specifics). More soon!

    * What engine will the game use?

Dean has commented on this elsewhere in much more detail, but suffice to say it's HEAVILY modified (i.e. almost completely rewritten) idtech 4 (building off the ETQW base).

    * Will the smart button interact with vehicles and turrets? With other words, are these dynamic objects climbable?

Should do. One of the things Bez and crew are working on at the moment, actually.

    * What kinds of vehicles and how many will there be in the game (if any)?

We've made the potentially controversial decision to stay away from vehicles for Brink. We want this to be very much about infantry squad action, up close and VERY personal, for a number of reasons. Vehicles are great, but they create a different type of play, where people are more separated, and one is shooting at a big steel box instead of actual people. Like ETW, however, we will have rideable vehicles with mountable defensive measures...

    * Demo recording/playback. Will the be more expansive controls (GUI, Camera) to support Video/Machinima production?

Can't say yet. More on this in the coming months.

    * Mod/Maps tools. Will they be available, if so is there target of when Pre/Post retail release?

We're definitely planning to make this available for PC. It's to early to say whether it'll be pre or post. But I can say we want to get them to you ASAP (hell, would love to give them out today and get you guys helping us with maps! )

    * How will mods/maps integrate with the base game? Autodownload, Server types etc.

More on this in the future...

    * Cross platform play (PC vs 360)?

That one is up to Bethesda (cop out answer, I know).

    * PC Anti-Cheat. Anything other that Punkbuster being considered?

Still working this one out. Early days...

    * Health. Packs or Regenerative?

A little of both, actually. If you've played Farcry 2, you'll have a good idea of how ours will work. We think it's a good compromise between the more 'accessible' regen stuff you see in CoD and Halo, and the more traditional health system that makes medics valuable. There's a few additional twist to how it works, related to the medic's abilities, that'll have to wait for revealing later...

    * Will there be male and female playable characters?

It breaks my heart (and everyone's hearts on the team) to say that for now, the ranks of the security and resistance factions are populated solely by men. Manly men. We'd love to get female playable characters in the game (note, there are women in the game, as story characters and civilians and such), but for now, we decided that our resources would be better spent getting more character customization options for one sex, rather than cutting the clothing/hair/texture/face/etc. choices in half to have both sexes.

DLC hopefully though!

    * Will there be blood and gibs?

We're not planning on being a hyper bloody game. Doesn't fit well in a team based situation where you've got players who can revive each other. Generally one doesn't recover well from a decapitation

    * Will the Browser system be similar to QW?

Can't talk much about this kind of stuff yet.

    * The Ark is inspired by Curitiba isn't it?

In Brazil? Nope. We did take a lot of inspiration from stuff in real life like the Masdar Initiative (, the Seasteading Institute ( as well as several others. Ed would have to go into more detail on all of the research done, though.

    * It's said this game is not having a "Play single player" or "Play online" button, how will this affect competitive play, can we still set up private servers to play clanwars in and stuff?

I wish we could talk more at this point about online server specifics and such, but as above, that'll have to wait awhile yet. I can say though that we're intending to put as much flexibility and choice into players hands as they want (i.e. if you want a streamlined simple one button click approach, you'll have it, and if you want to get into the nitty gritty of how matches are set up, you'll have that too).

 It's Q&A Fright NIGHT! Thanks Toka for coalating the whole thread into one easy to answer list.

    * Will learning the movement manually give any benefit over traversing the obstacles with the SMART button?

This was actually talked about on another thread somewhere, but yes. You can use the SMART button to take care of the timing of your jumps and vaults and slides and such, and that's hunky dory. But all those actions can be initiated using the crouch and jump buttons (or keyboard keys), and doing so will make your overall movement a little more efficient. Note that it won't let you make moves that SMART can't do, it just lets you do the SMART moves a bit better.

    * Is player customisation confined to only in-game assets or can player created textures be used (Team/Clan insignia)?

We're not talking about Clan stuff yet, but I can say I always appreciate this feature mightily in other games (the latest SOCOM, for instance), and so it'd be a shame not to allow it

    * VOIP on the PC version?

Good question, and I'm not quite sure if the coders are planning to have it supported natively, or if players will have to roll their own solution.

    * Mac and Linux ports coming after release?

Too early to say, and really that's one for Bethesda to answer at the end of the day. We'll see is the best I can do at the moment there.

    * Any thoughts on tackling the need to tweak via the console by improving gfx configuration options in the menu system? If yes, will there be options to balance "visual clarity vs performance" (i.e. greater draw distance vs lesser texture quality) as well as the usual "visual eyecandy vs performance"?

Curses, where's Arnout when you need him! Let me put this back to you guys actually. What would you all think? I can say I'd hate for players to feel they've got to handicap themselves in order to run the game on a lower system (not see everything their enemies and teammates can see). Thoughts?

    * KB+M support on the PS3?

Here's the way I look at it: we enable this, and we end up giving some players a HUGE advantage over the rest, almost as bad as if they were using aimbots on PC. This drives a wedge in the community, makes the majority of players who were satisfied with gamepad unhappy and pushes them out. So to fix that, you let players set up separate matches for those with and those without kb&m, and again, you start to split the community up again, and develop elitism schisms and the like.

So for those reasons, we're not planning on this right now (and I think it's these same reasons that you don't see other FPSs doing it either). Sorry to disappoint, I know on the surface it'd be a cool feature, but we've got to think of the overall health of the game, and it's our job to ensure that everyone has a good time.

I can confirm that KB&M is great on the PC though, but also that our gamepad support is awesome and feels fantastic. Even a crazy hardcore PC shooter nut like Locki has come around to it and it quite comfortable holding a controller in his hand now!

BTW, as an addendum to this question, can anyone list for me which PS3 shooters do allow this? And I'm not talking about those 3rd party adapters, but rather real native support for a mouse in game. Just curious. Thanks!

    * Does the new engine support dynamic day/night lighting and weather or is global lighting baked in like ETQW?

Actually, Arnout's still working on our final lighting solution for the game, so I'm not sure what the answer is to this.

    * Map making more, less or equally involved as ETQW?

I would say more involved overall, specifically because we're not a heightfield based game, unlike ETQW. Everything in the world is modeled and imported. BUT, it's not my job to actually build levels, so maybe I'm speaking out of turn. I'll ask Hoffa next week what he thinks.

Hier noch mal ne gute Zusammenfassung was bisher bekannt ist:
Zuletzt geändert von Shifty. am 27. März 2010 12:44, insgesamt 2-mal geändert.
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Re: Brink

Beitragvon punkoma » 31. Januar 2010 19:45

make it so. am meißten würden mich die specs interessieren. kaufen werd ichs wohl sowieso, weil die typen von splashdamage sehr awesom waren.
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Re: Brink

Beitragvon Sparrowhead » 31. Januar 2010 22:11

Specs werden noch lange keine veröffentlicht, allerdings kann's nicht allzu heftig sein, wenn man bedenkt, dass unter der Haube idTech 4 werkelt
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Re: Brink

Beitragvon Shifty. » 31. Januar 2010 22:14

Eine stark modifizierte Tech4 Engine.
Hoffe, dass es net so krank wie Battlefield Bad Company 2 ist.

Minimale Systemanforderungen

Prozessor: Core 2 Duo @ 2.0GHz
Arbeitsspeicher: 2GByte RAM
Grafikkarte: GeForce 7800 GT / ATI X1900
Grafikspeicher: 256 MByte RAM
Betriebssystem: Windows XP
Festplattenspeicher: 15GByte für die Download-Version, 10GByte für die DVD-Version

Empfohlene Systemangaben

Prozessor: Quadcore
Arbeitsspeicher: 2GByte RAM
Grafikkarte: GeForce GTX 260
Grafikspeicher: 512MB
Betriebssystem: Windows Vista or Windows 7
Festplattenspeicher: 15GByte für die Download-Version, 10GByte für die DVD-Version
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Re: Brink

Beitragvon punkoma » 3. Februar 2010 13:44

"Om Nom Nom"

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Re: Brink

Beitragvon H8tzenplotz » 26. März 2010 20:29

kleine Anregung zu der Diskussion:

Ich bin ja noch etwas skeptisch was das Spiel betrifft. In allen Berichten zu dem Spiel werden stets die Sachen betont, die mir egal sind oder die ich nicht will.
Z.B. die Playermodels: Es ist ja schön, dass sich da jeder kreativ austoben kann. Aber wie ich nun auch schon gelesen habe, macht dieses Feature es teilweise sehr schwer Freund von Feind zu trennen. Etwas was mir auch gleich in den Videos zu dem Hafen-Level auffiel. Fürchte das wird wieder zu den blöden Pfeilen über den Spielern führen...

Noch schlimmer: die ständige Betonung von auswählbaren Missionen. Ich seh das doch schon kommen. Die hälfte des Teams baut irgendwas am Rand der Map auf, sucht einen getarnten CovertOp oder sprengt einen sinnlosen Extra-Zugang frei. Hoffentlich lieg ich falsch. Bei ETQW benutzt ja auch kein Mensch dieses Missionssystem.

Ich hoffe halt nur, dass die viel beschworene Zugänglichkeit nicht die Veteranen vergrauelt...

Weiß jemand zu dem Thema mehr?
Wer nicht denkt, sollte zumindest hin und wieder seine Vorurteile neu gruppieren.
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Re: Brink

Beitragvon Shifty. » 27. März 2010 10:59

Ich weiss so einiges über Brink, vieles lässt mich zweifeln, und leider nur weniges hoffen :(
Die Missionen geraten sicherlich in den Hintergrund, geben halt wie bei ET/ETQW ein paar Extra XP. Das mit dem Aussehen verändern finde ich Unnötig, aber mal schaun, wies wird.
Wenn du fragen hast, schau mal im irc bei #awesome-dudes @ quakenet, incubi hilft dir sicherlich dabei ;) können dann bisschen über Brink reden oder du postest hier ein paar fragen und ich schau, dass ich sie beantworten kann ;)
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Re: Brink

Beitragvon punkoma » 27. März 2010 12:20

was is mit dieser action taste, klepp? du hast mal im irc gemeint, die stinkt. ohne irgendwas genaueres zu erklären.
dann hatte ich auch die befürchtung es würde zu sehr auf konsolen zugeschnitten werden. hast du auch schon bestätigt.
detaiiillls mann.

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Re: Brink

Beitragvon oxy » 27. März 2010 12:29

Shifty. hat geschrieben:Wenn du fragen hast, schau mal im irc bei #awesome-dudes @ quakenet, incubi hilft dir sicherlich dabei ;) können dann bisschen über Brink reden

Falls das nicht in Onyx Spam untergeht.
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